18-Hole Golf Course

Our pride and joy, this18-hole Chanthaburi golf course lies nestled amidst the inspiring beauty of Soi Dao Mountain and the surrounding landscapes painted in emerald green.

Designed by well known Denis Griffiths, the award-winning course with its signature par 3, 14th hole, is spread across 395 acres and incorporates tricky water hazards and imposing bunkers. While it offers plenty of challenges for pro and amateur alike, it also gives golfers a chance to immerse themselves in the region’s captivating mountainside charm.

As part of our additional features, there is a special area in front of the Club House where you can practice your drives, putts and approach shots. We provide golf club rentals and have a pro shop too for all your golfing needs.


  • Annual membership fee (unlimited rounds) : THB 40,000 net per person
  • Six months membership fee (unlimited rounds) : THB 25,000 net per person

Valid from now to 31 December 2018

Hole 01

Begin your round with a challenging as well as rewarding uphill par 4; it is free from bunkers on the tee shot, though do keep in mind that the approach shot will test you with bunkers on the front short right of the green. Of course, amidst it all, you can also enjoy breathtaking vistas of Soi Dao Mountain and the lake.

Hole 02

The second hole is a downhill par 4 that does not feature any bunkers around the green. Against the backdrop of Soi Dao Mountain, the second shot requires a careful approach over the creek and onto the long stepped green.

Hole 03

Accuracy is key on the long par 3 that makes up this hole. As you plan your approach to the green, look to stay clear from the creek on the right and a tricky bunker on the short right.

Hole 04

Though this par 4 hole can be relatively easy, the wind factor could prove quite the challenge. Trees feature in the course design on both the right and left as you make your tee shot, while the green has a bunker that should be avoided on the left.

Hole 05

This par 4 hole is slightly uphill and has three deep cross bunkers that one needs to avoid on the tee shot. While the green is bunker free, do be mindful of the drop off on the front left.

Hole 06

An elevated tee is where you will tee off on this par 5 hole; in two shots, one can reach the green amidst prevailing winds. Do be mindful of hazards, especially a creek that runs along the right from the tee to the green, with a sizeable bunker to the left and a small bunker central on the tee shot.

Hole 07

Enjoy a rather fun island par 3 at this hole. Though, do be mindful that there are bunkers behind the green that definitely should be avoided on your approach.

Hole 08

This hole is a split fairway par 4. 100 yards from the green is a large tree in the middle that one should avoid. As you make your approach keep in mind that there are bunkers all around the elevated green and huge trees that are part of the backdrop.

Hole 09

This downhill par 5 goes towards our Club House. Do be mindful of avoiding a series of bunkers that cross the fairway from left to right. While the green can be reached in two shots, there is a deep bunker at the front left of the green.

Hole 10

You begin by teeing off in front of our property and do ensure to avoid the bunker on the right. Making the approach shot can be tricky; you need to stay clear of the creek to land on the green which is also surrounded by bunkers in front, behind and on the left.

Hole 11

This is a short par 4 with a dogleg right. Since the green is not visible from where you tee off, positioning is all important when making the approach shot which is not only uphill but features bunkers before the green as well. Be mindful of the green itself, which falls right to left.

Hole 12

This medium length par 3 runs downhill and features a pond as well as a stonewall that guard the front on the green. Also be wary of the bunkers on the right.

Hole 13

A long, uphill par 5 that can be challenging; you will find a slight dogleg left with bunkers on the left which leads to a second shot that is blind of the green. Since the approach is blind as well, do be mindful of the pond which is located on the front right of the green.

Hole 14

This signature par 3 hole is both challenging and enjoyable; the green has many bunkers on the left and right so do be mindful to maintain your accuracy when teeing off. The long drive drops 15 metres from the tee to the green and best of all are the amazing panoramas of Soi Dao Mountain that form an unforgettable backdrop.

Hole 15

Accuracy is key at this somewhat testing par 4 hole. The approach shot has been set at the bend of a creek which proves an interesting challenge since it runs in front of, around the back and on the right side of the green.

Hole 16

Two approaches are found on this par 4 which features a split fairway. The longer route has a sizable fairway and a dogleg right to manoeuvre in order to make the hole; the more direct route would be the smaller fairway on the left, though it is protected by two bunkers. You will have to play over a creek when making the approach shot and be wary of the bunker on the left.

Hole 17

Designed with rain trees on the left and right, this straight par 5 offers golfers the chance to actually reach the green in two shots. Though do keep in mind that hitting the elevated green is not an easy task and will require some skill.

Hole 18

The final hole has a relatively generous fairway, providing golfers with quite a few approach shot angles. The green is characterised by a high left and low right while being surrounded by bunkers on the left and short right.