Since the Lobby Lounge is the heart of the hotel and where guests have their first impression, Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok has unveiled a stylish new look for its iconic Lobby Lounge featuring a unique sense of arrival. The concept of Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok Lobby Lounge is more than just a Hotel Lobby Lounge; it is an exciting new venue that will infuse convenience and innovation with the style and elegance of a 5 star Hotel Lobby Lounge.

The Lounge is based on the rhythm found in the layout and architecture of the existing building. It is designed to provide a comfortable quiet lounge/café during the day and can be transformed into a bar in the evenings. The area is separated from the main circulation by a permeable screen that allows passers-by to view the beautiful landscape beyond but still gives the lounge a sense of privacy and discretion. The Bar itself is designed to provide a bakery selection at one end while becoming a conventional bar at the other. Seating is elegant and comfortable encouraging a relaxed atmosphere yet in keeping with the expectations of the Hotel’s standards. The seating spills out onto an external terrace located over an existing water feature to allow guests to enjoy the shady landscaped area located here.

Our signature menu items for the new Lobby Lounge are surely the best selections. Begin your first impression with mouthwatering snacks including; Chicken Tom Yum Satay, Vegetarian Deep-fried Samosa, BBQ Chicken Wings roasted in an Asian BBQ Sauce, Calamari Fries served with Tartar Sauce and Crisp Bruschetta with Tomato, Garlic, Mozzarella.  Then, prepare to want a second from our Tasty Bakery, including Blueberry Muffin, Apple Muffin, Chocolate Soft Center, Ham & Brie Croissant Sandwich and Bacon & Mozzarella Muffin. Finally, don’t forget to try our Signature Drinks including; Tom Yum Martini, Tiramisu Martini, Screw Driver, Margarita, Mojito and Long Island. You will not regret the decision

A transformed Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok Lobby Lounge is successfully complete and it is now ready for guests to come and experience our new level of innovation, convenience and relaxation. Relax and unwind at our new Lobby Lounge daily from 6.00 am – 12.00 midnight. Lounge, snack, gaze, dine or simply sip while you meet, socialize or ponder. The Chatrium Lobby Lounge where everything is possible.