Service with Excellence! Adrian Brown, General Manager of Chatrium Hotel Riverside

Working as General Manager of Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok since 2010, Adrian Brown has consistently provided excellent management. With his leadership, Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok’s guests regard Chatrium as one of the top hotels in Thailand. Let’s look behind the scenes with Adrian Brown.

Your vision and mission of hotel management?

Over many decades the role of a Hotel General Manager has changed significantly whereby the demands put upon them has pushed the role more towards an administration role and where large parts of their days are spent in an office or in meetings.

To be successful, one needs to understand the needs wants and desires of the guest and to fully understand this, one needs to interact with them; which many fail to do nowadays as they become bound by administration chores.  Managing by walking around is a very old concept, but by combining this with being totally engaged with ones guests, one can tailor an experience appropriate the individual guests needs while also building respect and loyalty amongst management and staff.

Positioning of Chatrium hotel?

To be recognized as the best value for money hotel here in Bangkok with a unique level of service that goes beyond the type of service one would expect from a more formal  5 star hotel level of service.

Highlight of marketing strategy for continuous brand awareness’s subconscious repetition?

One of our core strategies is to continually be engaged with our gu experience, one builds loyalty amongst the guest who in turn upsells your product and services through word of mouth, while we also encourage them to utilize the various social media forums such as Triests so as to understand their specific needs, wants and desires which in turn enable us to tailor our products and services specifically for the individual guest. By creating a positivep Advisor.