A boat at Kung Krabaen Bay near  Chatrium Golf Resort
Hanging seashells at Kung Krabaen Bay near Chatrium Resort
View of Kung Krabaen Bay near  Chatrium Golf Resort
Seashells at Kung Krabaen Bay Study Center near Chatrium Resort

Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center is responsible for studying and researching the natural ecosystem in order to find appropriate and sustainable ways to develop the coastal area in Chanthaburi Province. At this fascinating facility you can study the natural environment of Chanthaburi. There are many small pavilions spaced at intervals presenting interesting information about the mangrove forest. Tourists will find two different trails teeming with a wide variety of trees and plants. The last spot on the tour is a pavilion where you can rest and simply enjoy the view, which projects out into the bay. From this spot, tourists can see the line of mangrove forest that runs perfectly parallel with the river.

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