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What better place to discover the mysteries of the deep than at the National Maritime Museum in Soi Dao. It is an endeavour by the Fine Arts Department of Chanthaburi to attempt to increase awareness of the treasures hidden in the sea.

The museum was built in 1994 when the Fine Arts Department realized the importance of preserving the thousands of archaeological ruins that have been naturally preserved in the saline waters.

The museum is not a grand affair, but has plenty of information on the underwater archaeological studies conducted in Thailand. In addition to this, there is a string of exhibits illustrating the birth and development of naval commerce in the country.

ค่าย เนิน วง ม .8 บาง กะ จะ อำเภอ เมือง จันทบุรี Muang Amphoe Mueang Chanthaburi, Chang Wat Chanthaburi 22000, Thailand 22000 Chang Wat Chanthaburi Thailand

+66 39 391 431

Wednesday 09:00am to 04.00pm

Thursday 09:00am to 04.00pm

Friday 09:00am to 04.00pm

Saturday 09:00am to 04.00pm

Sunday 09:00am to 04.00pm

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