Inside of Kutchan supermarkets near Chatrium Niseko Japan

Kutchan supermarkets like all tourist towns Kutchan has become a shopping delight for Hokkaido’s best fresh produce. Located 10 kms from Hirafu, both Lucky and Max Valu supermarkets will have you drooling over the wide selection of fresh meats, a wide variety of fish as well as Hokkaido whiskies and wines. These one-stop shops incorporate butcher, baker and liquor sections into their large grocery and fresh food stores so that you will come away with all your holiday needs.  In winter don’t miss the Hibachi roasted sweet potato – hot off the grill every few hours!

Lucky Supermarket
Open Hours : 7 days 9.00am to 9.00pm
Contact phone : +81 (0)136 21 3677

MaxValu Kutchan
Open Hours : 7 days 8.00am to 11.00pm
Contact phone : +81 (0)136 21 2711