Man enjoying the Hotspring in Onsen near Chatrium Nisekoo Japan

Onsen a must do excursion when visiting Japan is a natural Hotspring (Onsen). After a day on the slopes, there’s no better way to relax your tired muscles than soaking in the warm waters at an onsen. There are numerous onsen to explore in Hirafu, and many more in the surrounding local area. Please talk to our concierge team for recommendations.

How to “Onsen” Be ready for nudity! Lots of nudity! Wash carefully BEFORE entering the pool. A stool is provided for you to sit on in the public area for the purposes of washing. You are expected to be very clean before entering the pool. No Photos, I know it’s an obvious thing to say… Use the small towel for modesty when walking. Don’t dive into the pool, or splash around. The towel goes on your head when you are in the pool. Don’t wash the towel in the pool. The pool is NOT a swimming pool, it is for quiet contemplation. Tattoo’s? This is a tricky one. Tattoo’s used to be the mark of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia-like organised crime), and so there is a degree of sensitivity toward them. However by being respectful of custom and humble in the Onsen, the     modern Japanese are less likely to be offended.

Contact : Please see our Concierge team for Onsen recommendations and bookings