At Chatrium Hotels & Residences, we are committed to sustainable development to safeguard the beauty of nature, and this plays a key role in our overall corporate philosophy. We firmly believe that everyone shares this responsibility. As part of this, our employee are continually educated about environmental awareness in order that we can lower our carbon footprint and therefore significantly lessen our environmental impact.   
‘Think First Think Earth’ Sustainability Project by Chatrium   
Our ‘Think First Think Earth’ program encompasses a range of green programs in which we are dedicated to making a positive contribution to the environment. Our aim is to make sure that our environmental initiatives deliver a consummate guest experience while ensuring significant contributions to the communities where we operate.  The main ‘Think First Think Earth’ initiatives we are currently involved in include:   

  • A partnership with Corsair, where we reduce all of our single-use plastic plus collect all the remaining plastic waste from our properties to turn it into an advanced bio-oil which can be used to create environmentally friendly products.   
  • A food waste prevention program with SOS Thailand. 
  • Participating in the Thailand Recovery Fund campaign with 
  • Our water management and energy conservation policy, where we constantly monitor our usage of energy to minimise consumption wherever possible, such as the introduction of low-flow showers.   
  • A pipeline project, where solar energy is utilised as an alternative energy source.   
  • A heat exchange program to reuse energy from air conditioning systems.   
  • Sourcing local suppliers who are committed to actively using less chemicals in their products.   
  • Using local ingredients when possible, plus introducing vegetable gardens at all our properties.
  • Facilitating a green environment by planting more trees and plants at our hotels. For example, at Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao we have trees representing all 77 provinces in Thailand.
  • Introducing‘REDUCE, RECYCLE & REUSE’ programs, such as going paperless where we can. We also collect used items from staff and guests which are then donated to local charities.    

Social and Community Responsibility   

At Chatrium Hotels & Residences we are also committed to community service and support in the areas where we are based. As a central member of the local community, we take our responsibility very seriously. We want to help advance and positively impact the lives of people in a variety of ways, from funding schools to supporting local charities. Projects we have recently been part of include:

  • Assisting with building the Narawat Monastic Education School in the Shwe Pyi Thar Township in Myanmar, where we built a multi-purpose learning hall, concrete paths plus two school buildings.
  • Helping to clean up the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok every year.
  • Supporting education, such as the Father Ray Foundation and Khlong Toey School for underprivileged students. We also support a project with the Thailand Association of The Blind which aims to enrich the lives of blind students.
  • Blood donation projects with the Thai Red Cross.   

As a leading Thai hospitality company,  Chatrium Hotels & Residences continue to be a positive, enriching role model in the community. We will continue to play our part in addressing the most important environmental and social issues that we face, both today and into the future.