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Yangon has many incredible attractions and essential experiences to offer. One of the most renowned offerings is the Yangon Zoological Gardens, which is the oldest zoo in the country, and the second largest.

The zoo’s story begins in 1901 when it was funded purely by public donations. A total land area entailing 61 acres was cleared to make way for the new establishment, and the first group of animals were transferred from Phayre’s Museum. The most notable attraction of the zoo upon opening was the albino elephant that belonged to King Thibaw, who was the last king of Burma.

After the 1960s, the zoo received a serious of expansions and by the 21 st century, the Yangon Zoological Gardens boasted a museum of natural history, an amusement park, and an aquarium that was operated independently by the Department of Fisheries.

The zoo currently boasts almost a 150 species of land animals, featuring elephants, crocodiles and tigers. Additionally, it also has more than 300 species of flora, making it a captivating experience in terms of botany as well. If you visit during the summer season from November to April, there are many animal shows to experience too.

Kan Yeik Tha Road 11221 Yangon Myanmar (Burma)

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