Thanaka, A Myanmar Beauty Secret

Poster of Myanmar Beauty Secret at Chatrium Royal Lake Yangon

Myanmar’s women adore Thanaka, the unique traditional yellowish-white make-up that has been cherished for generations. Apart from cosmetic beauty, Thanaka also gives a cooling sensation and is believed to help remove acne, promote smooth skin and acts as a sun block, antiseptic, anti-fungal ointment and facial toner and is why the tradition started over 2,000 years ago.

Try Thanaka yourself to discover the beauty secrets of Myanmar’s women.

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How to use Traditional Myanmar Thanaka

The cylindrical piece of Thanaka wood is held with both hands, grasping the two ends of the wood. The Kyaukpyin, a circular slab of rock with a circular drain, is first wet with water. Then with a firm grip, the wood is rubbed in a circular motion to produce a creamy yellowish paste. A little water is sprinkled every now and then to make the paste soft and watery. Using your fingers, rub the paste lightly on the face, ensuring it is smooth and even. Leave the wet Thanaka on the face for about 5-15 minutes to dry. Then you will have a light yellowish face with a mild fragrance.