Our Employees

At Chatrium, your remarkable experience is brought to you by our employees—the people who make your to ensure a remarkable experience for all our guests, all of our employees provide their very own unique remarkable input. It is this attention to detail that makes us the hotel we are today.

Artitaya Sriboonroj

Artitaya Sriboonro - Human Resources Officer (Human Resources)

ETHOS of the Month of December 2018

  • Listen to our guests and each other with genuine and active interest
  • Pay complete attention to our guests
  • Build a relationship by being sincere
  • Involve in converstation and actively seek information to understand others"


Onchira Mahapuranon

Onchira Mahapuranon - Banquet Supervisor (Food & Beverage)

ETHOS of the Month of December 2018

  • Treat others with respect
  • Always look at ways to support others
  • Share ideas on how to improve our workplace and our guest experience
  • Be committed to each other and open to other people's ideas and suggestions"


Chutikan Baisaeng

Chutikan Baisaeng - Residence Room Attendant (Rooms)

ETHOS of the Month of December 2018

  • Always tell the truth in an open and sincere manner
  • Have life long relationship built on trust
  • Transparent in everything
  • Always try the best"


Suphalak Butkram

Suphalak Butkram - Handyman (Engineering)

ETHOS of the Month of December 2018

  • Always look at ways to improve products and services
  • Take great pride in everthing done
  • Passionate and complete tasks through to the end
  • Have sense of belonging, ensure guest's needs are always met
  • Take great care of equipment"
Unchalee Soontarasantik

Unchalee Soontarasantik - Senior Accountant (Finance)

ETHOS of the Month of December 2018

  • Put effort to achieved customer satisfaction
  • Always smile and friendly
  • Understand guest's needs, wants and desires
  • Recognize on job well done and take genuine care of the employees"
Noppadol Nithipipat

Noppadol Nithipipat - Bell Attendant (Rooms)

Green Award of the Month of December 2018

Reasons :  He always used cloth bag for shopping.

Jakpong Chiangphian

Jakpong Chiangphian - Security Officer (Rooms)

Green Award of the Month of December 2018

Reasons : He avoid to receive plastic bags when shopping.