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Located at key regional destinations, our distinctive hotels and properties in Chanthaburi and Yangon allow you to embrace the culture and rich heritage unique to their areas. Our needs are as varied as the possibilities, be it business, shopping or dining, it’s here! Enter your time machine and, as you pace ancient heritage, hear it speaking with amazing experiences to impart.

Bangkok Night

Bangkok, Thailand

Everyone wants to visit the infamous City of Angels, Bangkok, an iconic destination in Southeast Asia. Business has far-reaching arms, guiding corporate travellers from meeting to meeting. Shoppers mass in disbelief, overwhelmed by choice! Everyone plays a part in this glorious cauldron of life, from Michelin to street food, families to soi dogs!

Chanthaburi, Thailand

If Chanthaburi were more laid back, it would fall asleep. The surrounding mountains, renowned for their natural, geographical beauty, set an ideal backdrop for a holiday hidden away from the craziness of city life. Chanthaburi, a stunning gem on the edge of the Gulf of Thailand, has stories to tell.

Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Myanmar Night

Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon is the largest and most vibrant city in Myanmar. Modern high-rises and gilded Buddhist pagodas define its skyline as the bustling crowds go about their daily business. The famous Shwedagon Paya, a huge, shimmering gold pagoda complex, draws thousands of pilgrims annually, while British colonial architecture and modern high-rises blend seamlessly.

Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon