7 Best Things to Do in Chanthaburi

Everybody needs to get away from the city and the daily grind every now and again to just relax and take it easy, and there’s no better place in Thailand to do just that than Chanthaburi. Check out our list of the 7 best things to do in this beautiful location and we’ll see you soon!

  • Chanthaboon Old Town

51 min  (55.4 km) from Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Over three centuries, the Chanthaboon riverside community went through a variety of  phases, from amazing growth to gradual decline. Today this picturesque “old town” is a standout in historical and cultural preservation and is a definite highlight of Chanthaburi town.

  • Gem Market (Talad Ploy)

52 min  (55.8 km) from Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi is renowned for its gem trade found in the Talad Ploy area of Si Chan Road, where a multitude of shops and an outdoor weekend market offer all things bright and beautiful in the world of jewels.

The local gem business began hundreds of years ago when rubies and sapphires were discovered around Chanthaburi. Although the province has only one mine these days the industry is still very important attracts jewellers and dealers from all over the world.

  • Khao Kitchakut National Park

60 min  (63.9 km) from Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Khao Kitchakut National Park’s mountains rise above 1,000 metres and are teeming with wildlife and lush jungle. The main attractions are a series of mountaintop shrines popular with Buddhist pilgrims and a waterfall, Nam Tok Krathing, that’s easy to get to from the park headquarters.

The park is 59 square kilometres and has a mountain range that spreads down to the adjoining Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. The whole area is a scenic and photogenic treat that visitors will adore.

  • Namtok Phlio National Park

56 min  (66.2 km) from Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

From Chanthaburi town you can glimpse the mountains of Nam Tok Phlio National Park, where visitors can see a gushing waterfall and a memorial to a 19th-century Thai queen which is very popular with Thai tourists.

The road near the park has souvenir shops and food stalls and the waterfall flows all year round, which you can observe from viewing platforms.

  • Khai Noen Wong and National Maritime Museum

60 min  (62.4 km) from Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Khai Noen Wong is an old fort next to the National Maritime Museum.

Legend has it that King Taksin made camp in this area with his army before retaking Ayutthaya in the late 1760s. The fort today was part of a defence system set up by King Rama III to repel potential Vietnamese invasions during the first half of the 19th century and is certainly worth a stop.

  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

47 min  54.3 km from Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Many say that this is the most beautiful church in Thailand, and it’s true that a visit to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is one of the highlights of a visit to Chanthaburi. There has been a Catholic church in Chanthaburi for more than 300 years and the present building dates back to the early 1900s.

Situated next to the Chanthaburi River, a footbridge crosses the water and provides easy access to the town’s historic and atmospheric waterfront district. The cathedral is one of Chanthaburi’s most prominent landmarks and undoubtedly worth a visit.

  • Noen Nangphaya Scenic View Point

86 min  (91.3 km) from Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Noen Nang Phaya Scenic View Point is one of the most popular places in Chanthaburi and it’s easy to see why. Driving along the road you can enjoy the scenic view of Khung Wiman Beach on one side and the mountain view on the other side.

From the top of the scenic point, you’ll see the beach and a small island off the coast. It’s an ultimate spot to watch the sunset and take some unforgettable shots.

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