Chatrium Can Help You Explore Thai Culture, Thai Products and Thai Food

Thailand is a country of full of fascinating cultural influences, incredible crafts and products reflecting those influences, and a cuisine of astounding piquancy and depth.  

Dance, martial arts, music and worship all have exquisite traditional forms, and many performances will feature traditional forms of dress that vary depending on the regional and ethnic background of the performers.  

Some visitors to the Kingdom may find that they would like to take instruction in Thai dance, local musical instruments, local religious practices, the preparation of Thai food, the Thai language, or in the powerful martial art of Muay Thai.  

Other visitors may simply wish for a chance to see performances of authentic artistic and religious ceremonies, to visit villages where traditional

crafts or clothing are made, or to scour markets for local craft items or clothing made from local silks, cotton and dyes.

Our Chatrium Host is pleased to assist you in the exploration of Thai culture, its amazing variety of crafts and products, and its internationally renowned cuisine. Learn more