Improve your game with golf lessons with Pro Rin

If you’re a newcomer to golf it can seem intimidating to book a lesson with a golf pro, with all the dos and don’ts, etiquette and not having general golfing knowledge. Well, if you have a lesson with Pro Rin at Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthburi you don’t have to worry at all, as we guarantee it will be a relaxing and fun learning experience you will never forget.

Taking one-on-one lessons is definitely the best way for your game to improve rapidly, simply because of the undivided attention you’ll receive. You can focus on the individual skills you particularly want to get better at, or Pro Rin can advise and coach you on the areas of your game which he thinks can be developed quickly.

Pro Rin offers lessons in the early morning or later in the afternoon, so it makes it easy to fit in a lesson around your busy schedule. If you can’t make it on a quieter weekday, weekend lessons are another option, but book ahead because they are always in high demand.

As well as the basic lessons, if you’re keen to get some teaching out on the course, Pro Rin will even play 9 holes with you and offer advice on every aspect of your game. The only problem will be that 9 holes just aren’t enough and you’ll want to do it all again!

If you think you aren’t a good enough golfer and assume it’s hardly worth having a lesson because of your sporting limitations, then think again. Pro Rin can tailor a lesson and drills that take into account your individual level to get you swinging and enjoying the game.

It’s very important to find a golf coach who you feel comfortable with and, most importantly, will enjoy taking lessons from. Come and visit our absolutely stunning location and take a lesson with Pro Rin and we are sure you will be coming back again and again!

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