Khao Phad Tom Yam Goong (Fried Rice with Chili Paste and Shrimp)

Wondering what to cook for dinner this evening? Learn how to cook this easy and tasty classic Thai dish from River Barge Restaurant at Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok that the whole family will love with our easy to follow recipe. It really could not be simpler and this dish is sure to become a family favourite very quickly.

(Fried Rice with Chili Paste and Shrimp)

Makes 1


15        g          Vegetable Oil

30        g          Prawn Fat (from the heads)

50        g          Roasted Chili Paste (see recipe)

50        g          Shrimp, par-boiled, (4 pieces),

200      g          Steamed Rice

2          g          Kaffir Lime Leaves Julienne

1          pc.       River Prawn, whole, deep fried with lemongrass skewer

Cucumber pieces

Tomato quarter

Chili flower

Parsley lab

Eryngii mushroom slices, deep fried till crispy


Heat oil in the wok, add prawn fat, cook a little then add roasted chili paste cooking out until fragrant then add the shrimp and rice stirring together. Add kaffir lime and wok fry all until cooked and mixed well. Check seasoning


Put onto serving plate and garnish with river prawn, cucumber, tomato, chili, fried mushroom & parsley

Roasted Chili Paste

5          gr         Roasted Lemon Grass

5          gr         Roasted Galangal

100      gr         Roasted Chilli Paste

20        gr         Tom Yam Powder

10        gr         Lemon Juice

10        gr         Fish Sauce

Put all the ingredients into a blender to make a paste.

Put into a container, cover, label & date and store in the fridge till needed.