Bualuang Foundation presents “Beyond Artistic Boundary” in conjunction with world-class Biennale Art Exhibition

Bualuang Foundation holds "Beyond Artistic Boundary" alongside with world-class art exhibitions Thailand Biennale 2018 and Bangkok Art Biennale, aiming to advocate and support contemporary Thai artists as well as provide opportunities, perspective and make the dream of many artists comes true.

During the time when world-renowned "Biennale" Art Exhibition, which consisted of Thailand Biennale 2018 and Bangkok Art Biennale, will be held in Thailand for the first time during October 2018-February 2019, Bualuang Foundation has decided to present "Beyond Artistic Boundary" exhibition in conjunction with the international event.

To present the distinguished uniqueness of Thai contemporary art, Bualuang Foundation has collected the work of Bualuang award recipients from the Bualuang Paintings Competition which has been held for over 40 consecutive years with 224 awardees. Many of which are acclaimed national artists and some are artists who continue to create masterpieces that are well-known in national and international levels.

The committee of Bualuang Paintings Competition has selected 46 artists which include Ithipol Tangchalok, Preecha Thaothong, Kiettisak Chanonnart, Chalermchai Kositpipat, Panya Vijinthanasarn, Prasong Luemuang, Yanawit Kunchethong, Chartchai Puipea, Vichoke Mukdamanee, Tavor Ko-Udomvit, Prinya Tantisuk, Pairoj Wangbon, etc. who will present their earliest works awarded from the Bualuang Paintings Competition alongside with each of their new painting that has never been shown anywhere before at the "Beyond Artistic Boundary" exhibition in order to reflect the development of their works through time as well as to honor and encourage the artists to continue to create valuable art.

"Beyond Artistic Boundary" will be held at The Queen's Gallery during October 11th 2018 - January 8th 2019 from 10.00 – 19.00 hrs. (Closed on Wednesday)