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Meet Chef David Aparicio

A man in a black apron stands in front of a restaurant, ready to serve customers with a welcoming smile

Introducing Chef David, our new Executive Chef! Leading our culinary operations, including the acclaimed Albricias restaurant, Chef David boasts over 22 years of experience. A decade of honing his skills in Michelin-starred Spanish kitchens has equipped him with a fresh and innovative approach.

A Culinary Visionary: Chef David's vision is to playfully reimagine classic Spanish cuisine, emphasizing versatility and a relaxed atmosphere. Recognizing the importance of local preferences, he's excited to explore Thai ingredients while preserving culinary authenticity.

A Taste of Things to Come: From inventive starters like "Our Iberic Fish" to signature mains like Roasted Sea Bass on "Suquet" and Seafood Fideua, Chef David promises unforgettable dining experiences at Albricias.

Albricias Menu